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Our Services

Industrial markets in the Las Vegas Valley are constantly changing.  Buildings are constructed, sold, leased and exchanged. Prices fluctuate with respect to supply and demand. Owners and tenants change as market conditions change. 

Griffis Realty Investments, LLC has been offering Commercial Real Estate Services for over 40 years. When you’re facing changes, we’re ready to assist with your unique circumstances.

Acquisitions & Dispositions

We specialize in Acquisitions and Dispositions across the Industrial markets of the Las Vegas Valley. Every client receives a personal level of service. We’ll evaluate your given situation and show you the opportunities and risks involved with buying or selling. Count on us to work hard in every transaction to maximize value and protect your investment portfolio.


Our skilled brokers and agents expertly negotiate leasing terms to achieve optimal returns and favorable terms on your behalf. For owners and investors, we focus on cash flows and high returns while strategically building tenant retention and long-term occupancy rates. For tenants, we represent your interests by finding the most ideal location for your business, controlling the rising costs of occupancy, and negotiating with the landlord the most favorable leasing terms on your behalf. We’ll handle all the details of leasing from negotiating terms, renewals and occupancy issues.

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges

1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges are an excellent strategy for long-term real estate investments. We specialize in structuring these Exchanges whereby you avoid paying capital gains taxes simply by exchanging your property indefinitely. Once the property is passed onto your heirs, it is valued at Present Market Value so there is no capital gains tax due. Ultimately the property can be passed onto heirs tax free. We’ve been specializing in these for 40 years.

Consultation & Advisement

As a client, our brokers and agents are available to meet you to determine a strategy for an of your commercial real estate needs.

Our Company

Griffis Realty Investments, LLC has been offering professional real estate services for over 40 years. Its specialties, entrepreneurial thought and dynamic environment for solving today’s most complex occupancy issues are services you can count on when you need exceptional results. We’re proud to offer personalized services that help achieve your goals. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist with your next real estate decision.

Our vision

It’s not about the building, it’s about building trust. At Griffis Realty Investments, you can count on honesty and integrity. Over 40 years ago, we began with the desire to provide an extraordinary level of service to our clients. Through the years, we’ve built lasting relationships based on trust and a personal level of service. It is still our desire to continue this vision in the Las Vegas Valley.