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A 4-page financial analysis program that compares income producing properties


Save Time

APODᵖˡᵘˢ was designed with your time in mind. It's the fastest way to analyze and compare your property's performance measures. No need for comprehensive data entries. APODᵖˡᵘˢ gets straight to the point and renders results with the least amount of input time.

Evaluate Alternative Rates of Return

Investors always have alternative investment choices. APODᵖˡᵘˢ makes use of present and future valuation methods so you can quickly and easily evaluate alternative rates of return.

Know the True Costs

Use "What If" scenarios to determine the true dollar costs of each individual factor in a mortgage, such as different interest rates and different loan terms, by simply changing the values in the input fields.

Project Gain or Loss

Project the gain or loss when the property is eventually sold. The program assumes that the property will be sold at the end of the analysis term so the sales proceeds can be included as part of the Return On Investment (Reversion) and is reflected in the rates of return (on the first page).

What's Your Property Worth?

It’s the most common question before buying or selling. Now you can have the data needed to make good financial decisions.

APODᵖˡᵘˢ is a 4-in-1 financial analysis tool that quickly and easily calculates the rate of return and other financial information for investment properties.

Your program includes:

  • The value of the investment property
  • APOD, Cash Flow, & Cash Sale information
  • Before/After Tax -- Rates of Return (IRR)
  • Before/After Tax -- Net Present Values (NPV)
  • CAP Rates
  • Cash on Cash Returns
  • Set of detailed, written instructions
APODplus 2019. All rights reserved. Disclaimer:  Neither Jack L. Griffis, Griffis Realty Investments LLC, nor APODplus makes any warranty or representation, either expressed or implied, with respect to the Software or its contents, accuracy, or fitness for a particular purpose.

Easy To Use

If you've never used a financial analysis program before, don't worry. The user-friendly format allows users of all experience levels to easily retrieve results. All the results are shown on the report's first page, after adding minimal data. The other pages show backup information for these results.

Negotiate Better

Negotiate for the sale and acquisition of properties, as well as with lenders. You will have the advantage because you will know what the value of the property truly is, and will have several avenues to assist you in reaching that value, or mutually agreeable value.

Owner - Users

APODᵖˡᵘˢ is perfect for owner-users. Since owning income property is a money game, the value based on the income can be valuable to anyone. When the time comes to sell the property, owner-users will be happy they didn't overpay, so they can sell to an investor and not lose money on the deal.

Future Cash Flows

Determine future cash flows, before and after taxes, on an annual basis.