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An acquaintance of mine, Rob, has been interested in getting into a good real estate investment for some time now. He has looked over several property analysis programs but was having a hard time making a decision. He mentioned that the cost of the programs was quite diversified and some were long, some short and some in between. As a general rule, the long ones seemed to be more expensive than the short ones. Rob’s chief interest in the program was for assistance in determining two things: the price he should pay for the property, and say at the end of 10 years what he would have to show for it. However, he could not see any reason to pay for a program that did a lot of things he didn’t really care about. One (long one) showed about six different ways to calculate the return on his investment. I have seen programs with a lot of redundancy, so I made a suggestion: Pick one out that is going to give you what you want. It might be wise to have two or three different measures of value so you can determine consistency. But five or six, or more?

Keep in mind that 2+2=4, as does 1 + 3. You need to know that. But do you really need to know that so does .542 +3.458 and -6.342 – (-2.342)+8?

With APODᵖˡᵘˢ you will get what you should know.